How can BENA help subcontractors/suppliers?

Progressive Program

Subcontractor/supplier capability can be developed with BENA facilitation following a progressive program proven worldwide in worldclass organizations.
A potential subcontractor/supplier will be pre-assessed by BENA for qualification and development need. Base on your situation and expectation, BENA will define possible roadmaps and tool kits accordingly, and then reach agreed actions plan. These tool kits are proven practical worldwide, and hands-on consultants make it practicable and fit for your purpose. Then, the subcontractor/supplier shall carry out action items within timeline, and BENA will monitor it frequently. By right, BENA will support subcontractors/suppliers to expose more with opportunities to higher standard industrial supply chain.
At end of each circle, i.e. 1 year, subcontractor/supplier will be assessed, overall rated for both qualification and performance, and BENA and subcontractor/supplier will seat down again for action plan next circle. Subcontractor/supplier overall rating will follow BENA rating system and will be visible ONLY to your potential customers.


BENA may financialize stellar subcontractor/supplier enterprises to catch up its business opportunity by capital investing. It depends so much on business case and willingness of the subcontractor/supplier enterprise and BENA.

Contract execution support

By adopting BENA progressive programs and progress, subcontractors /suppliers’ credit state and eligibility are probably visible to financial partner evaluation. BENA and financial strategic partners can give credit support service for subcontractors /suppliers’ to get loans or other forms of financial support for contract execution with prompt manner and at lower interest.

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