A Registered MB can apply to get Enterprise MB account, with tri-annual fee.

Process for enterprises MB:

  1. Interesting Enterprise to contact BENA and fill general register form.
  2. BENA to contact and request pre-screening data. (See questionnaires)
  3. BENA to assess and initiate screening (Green/Yellow/Red)

    Enterprise will be rated RED if:

    – Less than two year experience in the registered field/scope

    – Weakness in manpower capability

    – Involvement in suit or legal restriction

    BENA will not proceed with next step if Enterprise is rated RED post pre-screening, but will keep your information confidential. Once denied, your registration may be re-applied in the following year.

  4. To conduct engagement meeting (top executive level): to clarify T&C, type of package, etc.
  5. To sign engagement agreement for a period of 3 years.

There are two packages of Enterprise MB:

  • Package 1: Standard
  • Package 2: Accelerated Capability Development (ACD)

The enterprise has to accept T&C of engagement, including but not limited to following:

  • Supply information for pre-screening and frequent qualification assessment.
  • Be audited on agreed areas of development.
  • Accept concept of BENA rating system®.
  • Contribute in knowledge sharing: minimum 1 topic of lesson learnt, professional topic.
  • Tri-annual fee by cash or knowledge contribution (note: 06 posts = 3 year membership).
  • To use qualified resources, tool kits to implement BENA recommendations: training centers, minimum requirements for consultants …
  • Uphold professionalism, competitiveness, and be keen to seek excellent performance.
  • Honestly update bidding status after being recommended to bidder list.


BENA support


Recommended bidder list to client request

Qualification assessment & recommendations for development

Tracking progressive journey



per month





per month

Six monthly

Six monthly


BENA policy to enterprise members

Respecting sources of knowledge contributed by subcontractors/suppliers.
Evaluating subcontractors/suppliers’ performance and qualification objectively and fairly.
Non bias in recommendation. Actually, randomly picking out eligible bidder from BENA QuickList®.
Securing subcontractor/supplier information in accordance with enterprise privacy policy.

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