BlueConsult® Service
Term of reference (TOR)

BlueConsult® is the service coordinated by BENA to facilitate development of engagedthe engagement with partner of or subcontractor/supplier by using locally high competency competent resources. The blue (saving) concept is based on the following points:

The consultant BlueConsult®’s Consultants shall haveve more than 10 year working experience with world class company experienceies ; he/she have more than 10 year working experience, at position of as senior executives, experts or higher;
BlueConsult®consulting personnelHe/she shall follow BENA code of conduct.
He/she has got appropriate training appropriatefit for consulting job, been recruited and oriented by BENA.
He/she shall utilize work during his/her weekend days to consult and to ddevelop local subcontractor/supplier. Effective working days for BlueConsult® is are in weekend days (Saturday, Sunday), which may be extension extended to either to Friday or Monday is subjectiveas and when required.
BENA is responsible to shall coordinate to ensure that consulting personnelits Consultants is are fit for purpose at all the times (right place, right time, and right peopleperson).

Benefits of BlueConsult® service are:

Saveing $Economic BENA provides Ccompetitive unit rates for a world class service.
Social easyEasy communication No barrier in language and culture.
Fit for purpose Qualified and experienced one workforce of real world , noinstead oft an academic lecturer, is coming.
Simple solution We BENA focus on smart and simple solutions, easy for your team to accept.
AvailableAvailability Broad pool of expertise in various fields is available with BENA.

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