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Engineering & Building Service

Consulting, EPC, EPCIC in water supply, disposal plants and systems, pipelines, industrial plants, utilities plants, mines and metallurgical plants...

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Mechanical & Electrical Products

Cranes/ Mechanical Transmission Equipment/ Tanks… Batteries/ UPS/ Electrical Heating/ Cable/ Generators/ Transformers/ Motors…

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Specialty Class Services

Elevator/ Building Moving, Demolition/ Masonry/ Painting/ Refrigeration/ Sheet Metal/ Reinforcing Steel/ Welding/ Scaffolding...

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Modules & Movable Skids

Pack Packaging/ Chemical Injection Skids/ Process Module/ Tote Tank/ Accommodation Cabin/ Air Compressor/ Portable Generator…

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Asset Operations Services

Asset maintenance and inspection, repair, refurbish/ Asset rental, leasing, pooling

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Materials & General Equipment

Pipe/ Metal Sheet/ Rack/ Workshop Tools and Equipment/ Warehouse Equipment/ Basic Chemicals/ Customized Chemicals...

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Support Services

Storage Handling/ Office Administration Service/ Manpower Supply/ Marine Transportation/ Riverine Transportation/ Certification/ Training…

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